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Form A and Form B Certificates are mandatory attaining Government Fire Compliance and NOC certificates.


We are a Licenced Agency by Maharashtra Fire Services to carry out audits as per Maharashtra Fire Department Norms and Requirements and are certified to issue Form A and Form B certificates.


We are certified for all 3 classes of licensing agency:-

i] Fire Fighting System Installation - Hydrants, Sprinklers, Pumping etc.


ii] Detection & Fire Suppression System - Smoke detection, Heat Detection, UV, Beam detector, Fire Alarm etc.

iii] ​​Passive Protection - Cable protection, Fire doors, still member protection, glass protection, smoke management system, etc.

These certificates are a legal mandate that a society/office/industry etc. must maintain and do continuous upkeep of their required fire fighting protection services of the premises. Not having Form B Certifications (periodic Bi-Annual audits) could result in the Building / Society Members / Companies being liable for prosecution and even jail.


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